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Weight Gain


Basic  cause for underweight health problems are poor digestive system, weak intestine, high BMR, rise in the stress level, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, exposure to pollutants, lack of exercise, etc.

Bad and poor eating habits also add to the causes for the occurrence of the problem.

Being underweight can also arise due to genetic  reasons. Apart from being slim and skinny, a person starts facing a number of health problems.


Family Care Clinic is basically a clinic, which gives herbal remedies and believes in herbal therapies that are very potential, totally safe and highly effective.

We at Family Care Clinic provide you potential weight gain herbals with improved vigour and tonic .

This package is specially designed - TAILOR MADE Package for individual person to increase weight naturally,herbally and yes above all safely. It is specially designed to cure root cause and for LONG TERM PERMANENT RESULTS.

It consists of.

  1. Nutrious Diet guideline which is healthy, simple and quite adaptable.
  2. Intestinal vitamins and tonics to improve food and nutrition absorbtion .
  3. Herbal supplement which contains highly potential herbal formulations to increase weight permanently.
  4. Lifestyle TIPS

Weight Gain herbs are FDA approved and  in form of tablets and herbal capsules. Herbs mainly used will be Khadir, brahmi, ashwagandha, shatavri, shankhpushpi, neem, trifla, guduchi and others in combination form which will give u highly potential results.

These organically grown herbs are specially combined to increase weight  AND Improve.

  • Digestion
  • Energy levels
  • vigour
  • Muscle power
  • New jest for life
  • Symetrical weightgain in all Body parts
  • Fresh refreshing looks
  • Permanenet weight gain
  • Ashwagandha - Tonic, Rasayan, it improves resistance power, anabolic agent, Increases digestion power ,relives stress.
  • Shatavri - Cardiac tonic or rasayan, best weight gain tonic, best nutritional remedy, also a brain tonic, haematanic.
  • Yashtimadhu - Very good nutritional supplement tonic.
  • Rasyan - Good tonic, energetic.
  • Soonth - Good appetizer, digestive, anticolonic, purgative, zingiberis officinalis.

ACTION OF FEW HERBS used in package :

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I had very weak body without any vigour, stamina , muscles, or zest for life .Being between people gave me lots of inferiority complex, Whole body looked like skeleton .Then I approached Dr.Ritu .Bhardwaj and under her supervision used WEIGHT GAIN PACKAGE.The product of Family Care Clinic was 100% herbal , safe and effective.By using this herbal products I could see amazing results . .The quality of products are good . It helped to heal n increase my body weight ,immunity n resistance power too . I am well satisfied with products of Family Care Clinic. Thanks and God bless .

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