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Cyst is an abnormal sac or closed cavity lined with epithelium and filled with liquid or semisolid matter. The cysts take different forms in different parts of the body. They can form in throat, mouth, stomach, uterus, spinal cord etc. When such cyst develops in any part of the body it obstructs the normal function of that part of the body and create further complications. Some cysts can be congenital which are developed by abnormal embryonic development such as dermoid cysts. While others are tumors containing cells that secrete mucus like substance in the body.

Cysts can be surgically removed but herbs can dissolve cysts without surgery needed.


Cysts may or may not produce symptoms and this generally depends upon the size of the cyst and its location.

If cysts are developed in the skin or very close to the skin then they can be felt with a touch, a lump is formed in the area where cyst has developed. But if the cyst is formed in the internal organ of the body such as uterus or kidney, then X-ray or CAT scan is used to identify it.


Causes of cyst can be listed as:

  • Genetic inheritance
  • Obstruction of fluid
  • Infection or tumor
  • Inflammation or defect in organs

Remedy for cyst:

If you have cyst on the surface of the skin then you can apply lime power on the cyst this will help to break it up. You can also sprinkle turmeric powder on the cyst as it is a natural antiseptic.

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