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Anti Pimple Face Pack

Do you have skin problems such as very oily skin, large pores, blackheads, large pussy pimples or deep scars? Then definitely you should use our Anti pimple face pack. Regular usage of this face pack will surely make your skin spotless and clear with lovely texture.

Quantity: 200 GM

Then exfoliate skin with our Anti pimple face pack. Regular usage of this pack will make skin clean and clear with exquisite texture.

The special ingredients in this Anti Pimple Face pack are:

  • Lodhra: It is highly nourishing for skin and has natural healing qualities.
  • Sandalwood: Lessen inflammation and itching as it has great cooling and soothing effect on skin.
  • Daru Haldi: Possesses antioxidant, blood purifying, tonic, anathematic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Neem: A good styptic, astringent, and antiseptic
  • Tulsi :
  • Yashtimadhu: It is a cleansing and healing herb.
  • Rose Leaves: It is for cooling and cleansing.

All these above herbs are very well known for their curing anti pimple.


My skin is very oily due to which I am suffering from pimples problem, which leave deep scars on my face. I used many chemical lotions and creams but there was no used. After research on net I found this Anti Pimples face Pack of Family Care Clinic and decided to use it. It has been a week I am using it and I found a great difference in my skin. I hope on regular usage it will completely stop my pimples.

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I highly appreciate and regularly use Anti Pimples face Pack of Family Care Clinic. I was very tired using chemical based products which just damaged my skin without any glow on skin or positive results but by using this herbal skin products I could see amazing results Their regular application gave me new look .The quality of products are good . It gave new glamorous cosmetic look to my skin . I am well satisfied with products of Family Care Clinic. Thanks a lot and God bless

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