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Anti Blemish Fruit Scrub

Anti Blemish Fruit Scrub

Always woman dreams of healthy, lovely, beautiful, glowing and youthful skin. But in this polluted atmosphere skin is repeatedly damaged with the effect of sun, extreme temperature, wind, spicy foods, sweets, hot cold water, travel, excessive exercise, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and sudden weight loss.

To maintain healthy and glowing skin, Glow and Shine Fruit Scrub Cream which 100% natural is very helpful for nourishment of the skin. You can also use our Apricort and Apple Herbal Scrub.

By applying regularly the external toxic effects are nullified and get complete nourishment.

The special ingredients in Glow and Shine Fruit Scrub Cream are:

  • Apricort AND APPLE
  • Cucumber
  • Rose leaves
  • Aloe vera

Extract derived from

  • Walnut………………10%
  • Pappaya…………….10%
  • Wheet Germ Oil……0.01%
  • Cream Base…………..Q.S.
  • Perfume…………….…Q.S.
  • Preseravative….……..Q.S.

Outstanding healthy and clean skin is visible immediately after this scrub is used. It can be used everyday as it is very gentle on the skin.

APPLY: Gently massage on face.

Each jar contains 200 gm CREAM


I have used many scrubs available in the market but I could not find the effect what I got from this apple and apricot Herbal Scrub of Family Care Clinic. As it is very gentle on the skin and give immediate effect on the skin.

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My office is very far from house, so I have to travel a big distance every day due to which I have spend a lot of time in pollution. This effects a lot on my skin, therefore I use this herbal scrub every day on my face and keep my skin healthy and glowing.

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